The advantages of a VoIP home phone are often overlooked, as many individuals simply see the technology as being for larger businesses or corporations. Whilst business VoIP is indeed a great commodity to any company, the advantages of utilising the technology at home should not be overlooked.

Here at ComCanada we are the leading suppliers of VoIP home phone Canada and North America thanks to our industry leading network capabilities and unrivalled pricing.

Home VoIP allows you to make calls like never before. By utilizing internet networks rather than traditional phone lines, calls can be made at a fraction of the cost and with enhanced call capabilities.

Home phone VoIP allows you to make unlimited calls across a vast network for a simple, low, fixed monthly rate. There are no hidden charges, no expensive long distance call charges, and with call features which enhance your calling experience, VoIP is a must have feature of any modern home.

To subscribe to Canada's number one VoIP home phone service speak with ComCanada's dedicated team today!

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