Virtual phone number (DID)

Give yourself a telephone presence in other cities..

With ComCanada, you are no longer restricted to one telephone number per line. You can select additional numbers in other local calling areas throughout Canada and the U.S. A call to any of these numbers will ring your primary ComCanada number. These additional numbers are called DID's, or often referred to as virtual phone numbers.

With a ComCanada virtual phone number, you can have local numbers in different cities allowing those who call you from those cities to reach you for the price of a local phone call. Whether it is for your clients who are in a different city, your business associates or your family back home, a virtual number is a way for you to reach out to those who want to reach you.

When you subscribe to a virtual phone number with ComCanada, you can choose numbers in any city where we offer service. All calls to any of your virtual numbers will ring to either

  1. your main ComCanada line, as if the caller dialed your primary number or
  2. any number of your choosing (I.e. cell phone etc).

Think of virtual numbers as aliases for your primary number. You can have as many aliases as you like and the number becomes active the minute you subscribe to it.

Cost for each DID is $10/mo and includes Hosted PBX & Internet Fax Features.

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