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Expand Your Service Offering with Advanced Toll-free Feature Set

Offer more to your customers using ComCanada toll-free origination service to deliver toll-free calls originated on the PSTN to your network for termination. Take advantage of our extensive carrier interconnections, and superior North American toll-free coverage to deliver valuable routing and call delivery features to help your customers grow their business.

How it Works

Toll Free Origination diagram

Toll-Free Origination Benefits

  • Expand your product portfolio without capital investment in toll-free network infrastructure.
  • Give customers an enhanced toll-free feature set with advance routing, call allocation/distribution and NPA/NXX blocking features.
  • Dedicated Trunk Groups aggregate your traffic on a single trunk group for termination on your switch.

Toll-free Origination Options

North American Coverage: Originate toll-free calls in virtually any carrier market in Canada

or the USA.

International Toll-free: Originate toll-free calls from select overseas destinations.

4001 China International Toll free:  Originate toll-free calls with Get a single 4001 number accessible by fixed-line and cellular subscribers across all of China (31 provinces).

Key Features

  • Toll-free number look-up and registration - ComCanada is a toll-free RespOrg who can port existing numbers or perform lookups, vanity searches, and registration of new 800/855/866/877/888 numbers.
  • Advanced Routing Options - offer time-of-day, day-of-week, holiday, or specific number routing.
  • Call Distribution/Allocation - distribute calls to various locations on a percentage basis.
  • NPA/NXX Blocking - deliver end customer options to restrict calling areas by NPA & NXX.
  • Your Choice of Direct Interconnection - TDM (MF, SS7 or ISDN signaling) or VoIP (SIP

    or H.323)
  • Daily call detail records (CDRs) - with flexible delivery options for providing customers with traffic pattern details.
  • Competitive pricing - at per-minute rates based on term or volume commitments

Coverage & Pricing

Flat rate per-minute pricing is available for toll-free origination anywhere in Canada or the USA.

Contact your local ComCanada account manager for a competitive quote based on traffic volumes.

Technical Information

Features Details
Interconnection Points
  • Vancouver
  • Toronto
Interconnection Methods
  • TDM (MF, SS7 or ISDN signaling)
  • SIP or H.323 via dedicated Internet access
  • SIP or H.323 over the public Internet
Protocols Supported (SIP)
  • G.711
  • G.729
  • G.726
  • T.38 Fax Relay Protocol
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