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Extend services to new customers, reliably and securely.

Want to reach new markets and customers? Our Private Line Transport service provides reliable point-to-point connectivity for a variety of customer applications. Your choice of bandwidth and interface options makes transmission of IP-based data, video or voice traffic quick and secure. Plus you can take advantage of our arrangements with local exchange carriers to provide easy access to switch and last-mile facilities for cost-effective deployments.

Private Line Benefits

  • Scalable private network connection with speeds from DS1 to OC48 and E5 to GigE.
  • Connect POPs or customer sites securely and reliably.
  • Dedicated voice or data path between two or more locations.

Key Features

  • Secure point-to-point connectivity for dedicated voice or data transmission.
  • Scalable bandwidth from DS1 to OC48 and E5 to GigE to add capacity as you need it.
  • Guaranteed uptime and stringent service level agreements (SLA) with credits for unplanned downtime.
  • 24/7 monitoring and support essential to support delivery of next-generation high-bandwidth applications.

Coverage & Pricing

Private line service is available at speeds from DS1 to OC48 and E5 to GigE. All private line circuits have a protected circuit option. Customized, flat-rate pricing is available based on configuration and service locations.

Private Line service is available in all on-net cities on the ComCanada network.

See our network map for details.

More Details

Customers may arrange for local access services themselves or request that ComCanada arrange local access services.  Customers are responsible for all costs associated with local access services (i.e. monthly service fees, installation).

Leverage ComCanada's extensive BC backbone network to connect POPs in major centres across British Columbia.

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