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Global A-to-Z termination for your Customer Base

Take advantage of our global network and route quality management to build your international traffic volumes and deliver high-quality, competitively priced international long distance to your end customers.

International Voice Termination Benefits

  • Eliminate costly management overheads by leaving the carrier relationships and routing decisions to us.
  • Leverage our technical expertise to ensure delivery of high quality routes and minimize the risk of demand or price fluctuations
  • Improve profitability by adding select high-quality international routes to add to your core International destinations.

International Voice Termination Options

Business Grade Service: Sign up for an optimized, high-quality voice connection and let us manage the routing decisions using our PTT's direct connections.

Wholesale Grade Service: Voice termination service designed for carriers using least-cost routing applications.

Key Features

  • Global A-to Z-termination - high-quality routes to any of 230 countries worldwide
  • Direct Interconnection - or VoIP (SIP)
  • Daily call detail records (CDRs) - with flexible delivery options for providing customers with

    traffic pattern details.
  • Flexible Billing Increments - down to by-the-second billing.
  • Reliable information exchange - via secure FTP.
  • Competitive pricing - at per-minute rates based on term or volume commitments.

Coverage & Pricing

Contact your local ComCanada account manager for a quote on any of our 230 global routes. Competitive, responsive pricing on a per-minute basis is available with flexible billing increments. Bilateral or reciprocal traffic arrangements are also available.

Technical Information

Features Details
Interconnection Points
  • Vancouver
  • Toronto
  • Chicago
Interconnection Methods
  • SIP via dedicated Internet access
  • SIP over the public Internet
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