Data Services Overview

Dedicated data connectivity solutions for fast, secure, and reliable service delivery.

We know your business depends on our network. That's why our core network and data centres are carefully designed with multiple layers of redundancy and monitored 24/7/365 to ensure we deliver on those expectations. To back up this commitment, we guarantee 99.99% uptime on our core network and data centre infrastructure, excluding maintenance periods, and offer you service credits if we don't deliver.

We can design, implement and maintain private and virtual private networks, supported by an MPLS core to ensure efficient routing of customer data and support converged voice and data applications.

Choose one of our high-performance Internet solutions designed to support mission-critical applications with bandwidth options up to GigE using wireless or fibre deployment.

Find out the features of our top-of-the-range VoIP service on our VoIP Features page.
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