Choosing the right VOIP equipment for you

No business wants to use substandard equipment, and for something as commonly used as a phone, getting the right equipment is vital. To get the most out of your VoIP service you’re going to need the best equipment for the role you need it to play, and ComCanada is able to offer you the equipment that you need.

Aastra 6730i

The Aastra 6730i is a basic, easy to use IP phone. Shrunk into a compact but elegant design, the 6730i is capable of much more than its small size lets on. With a three line LCD display this phone can support up to six lines with call appearances. It is equipped with XML capabilities, allowing for greater customisation of services, with development guides provided by Aastra. Using these features allows for a broader spectrum of possibilities to manage your calls, making more efficient use of your time and making your life easier.

Aastra 55i

With all the same functions as the 6730i, plus enhanced expandability, the Aastra 55i is a great upgrade for a more active telephone user with a heavier frequency of calls. The phone can handle 9 simultaneous calls, comes with a 144 x 75 pixel backlit LCD display and has six softkeys which can be programmed with various features to suit you.

For further upgradability the Aastra 55i can support up to three Aastra 536M modules, each of which has 36 programmable keys, for over 100 potential additional features.

Aastra 57i

The most advanced IP telephone that ComCanada provides, the Aastra 57i takes off where the 55i left off, but with a larger, 144 x 128 pixel graphical backlit LCD display. Aastra 560M modules, each with 60 keys, can be added to give up to 180 options to this phone, recommended for the busiest telephone users who also want to take advantage of the larger screen for XML based programs.

Whether you’re a large business or small, ComCanada can provide the equipment you need to make the most of your VoIP service.

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