How VoIP Can Save You Money

Frugal is the new cool; communities all over the country are swapping tips and tricks about the best ways to save money, where to get the best deals, and what vouchers will be expiring soon. So we thought we’d tell you about the number one reason to switch to ComCanada’s hosted VoIP system; it costs less!

  • VoIP technology is cheaper - VoIP charges are much lower than traditional phone charges, because landline providers have to maintain outdated and cumbersome technology to provide their service, whereas VoIP calls are transmitted much more efficiently, and therefore, cheaply.
  • Expanded features – Over the years it has become gradually more necessary to have additional features integrated with your traditional telephone system. Call forwarding, voicemail, caller ID, and other VoIP features, all help to improve productivity and provide you with more information, but many landline phone providers charge extra for these features. On the other hand, VoIP plans include these features, and more, inclusive as part of your service.
  • Long Distance Calling – Because of the way VoIP operates, that is to say, over the internet, the difference between making a local call and a long distance call is negligible, unlimited long distance calling plans are readily available, and even the price of calling overseas can be minor. You can even save your friends and relatives who live across the country money by setting up a virtual phone number with a local dialling code! (Or just encourage them to sign up for a VoIP service too!)
  • Paper and toner free faxing – send and receive faxes anywhere you have internet access and save money and the planet by only printing the most important correspondences. This is one more step towards the paper-free office of the future.

So, with all these great reasons to sign up for VoIP, get in touch with ComCanada today.

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